About Us

Is not only our job, is our life, our everyday, our Passion.

Raul Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer


I am an international professional football player, currently playing in the Polish Football League. My passion and hobbies, beside football, are creating motion graphics and video editing.


This passion for motion graphics led me to invest my free time in online courses and tutorials to expand my knowledge through self-learning. My native language is Spanish but I speak different languages such as English, Portuguese (at intermediate level), Greek (at intermediate level) and I am currently learning Polish.


I have over 10 years’ working experience creating and video-editing professional videos for high-level athletes. I use recording from every definition type and I am proficient at video transcoding.


I have worked on big projects with strict deadlines and complicated video editing (examples of this can be seen here – Portfolio -). Each project had over 30 hours of high-definition game footage that need to be edited and reduced to 12-15 minutes videos, and must include and highlight the best plays and skills of the athletes.


I have great experience designing intros and presentations, both in 2D and 3D, as well as highly skilled use of leading software products such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D, Mocha Pro as well as Photoshop, Video Converters, etc.

Nataly Soto

Head Of Direct Marketing

I have many years of customer-focused experience,aproaching and engaging with prospective clients is one of my main reason of being an important part of service providing companys.

My customer proficiency has led me to be more involve in important roles of SuperPollo Digital Solutions, i feel really confortable by providing great strategic customer services throuth a trusworthy and  efficient way of solving any issue a customer may have.